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My Teaching Philosophy

About me

My teaching style

The core of my teaching style and approach is a concern for my students. I am concerned seriously regarding every student and do my best in order to help all students raise their capacities both as students of mathematics and as people.

I have realised in my practice teaching and studying mathematics entail more than just the mathematics itself. Teaching and discovering maths also entail interest, partnerships, and commitment on the components of both the educator and the student. My teaching methods are based on all these.

What does Maths mean to me

Interest fosters and also encourages my students. I completely enjoy as well as am excited by maths and teaching of mathematics. The atmosphere is contagious; I see my students are able to sense my enthusiasm and become a lot more interested in mathematics themselves. I have actually discovered that nothing is more motivational to students than genuine rate of interest in just what they are learning.

About my lessons

My maths lessons showcase a variety of approaches of instruction that depends upon 1) my expertise with just how particular trainees best discover maths and also 2) the topic of the lesson. Despite the differences of my lessons' layouts, one thing remains the very same: my role as facilitator. I believe that trainees discover mathematics best by doing maths and after that working to connect about maths. My lessons involve discussion between trainees and me. As a convenor, I regularly use the Socratic approach in a class to elicit mathematical idea and promote interaction with mathematical concepts.

I have discovered that using numerous depictions of mathematical theories (e.g. , algebraic, graphical, and numerical) in my work is helpful for two reasons. To start with, various students learn in different ways, as well as one depiction may be easier for a trainee to understand than another. Secondly, understanding numerous representations and techniques of solution creates far better trouble-solving; if students know several ways of assaulting an issue, then there is a much better chance of them having the ability to cope with it.

Using technology at my lessons

As an aid to my use range of representations, I apply innovation in my classroom, particularly engineering calculators. Through my very own apply of modern technology and also my teaching with modern technology, I have understood that there are much more and less reliable ways of using it. students require to comprehend that innovation is a device, similar to a compass or a protractor, and that technology should be used just as a tool. Central to my usage of modern technology is the idea that students should comprehend just what they do mathematically even when they use innovation as a help.

The methods of interaction

Just like the idea that trainees learn maths in different ways, is that students also share mathematical perception in a different way. I use numerous types of assessment to provide students the possibility to clarify their comprehension of mathematics in a selection of ways. These forms include such points as composing projects, quizzes, profiles, and asking students to write as well as fix their very own issues, in addition to the usual examinations.

Understanding evaluation

The commitment I make to students is to constantly be accessible to students at any time.
One more component of my commitment is to make every effort to show mathematics as well as possible. I analyze both just how I have actually grown and exactly how I continue to grow as I teach. From the time began instructing until now, I could see many things that have progressed in my training to make it much more responsive to and efficient for my students. Some of those were from time invested into getting ready to lessons and also assessment of given lessons. With every lesson that I tutor, I am frequently evaluating trainee perception (from their questions, evaluations, and so on) as well as their feedbacks to the methods that I am applying. Through this, I am able to frequently strive to improve my teaching.

How students’ feedback help me

The next component of my teaching advancement is through comments from my students. This is encouraged especially by the relationships that I build with my students. I make it clear to all trainees from the beginning that they ought to speak with me any time they have recommendations concerning how I can improve my lessons. I ask to give tips for things that I need to transform to enhance my teaching as well as things that I need to go on doing because they found them to be advantageous.

Involving my evolutionary training style, I do my best to boost every single time that I conduct a lesson. Through my training style and approaches uncovered right here, I hope that my trainees leave the lessons excited by and educated in maths and also positive that I care about them and also their maths comprehension.

Maths Subjects and Courses Taken

Subjects and Courses Taken

  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Specialist Mathematics

Maths Tutor Keilor East

Hi my name is Sean , I live in Keilor East, VIC . But can also travel to Avondale Heights 3034, Ascot Vale 3032, Keilor 3036, Cocoroc 3030, Kensington 3031, Delahey 3037.

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English (Australia)
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I have always been the trainee that inquires much! I can remember this being something that for a long time made me feel rather ashamed in classes, and now after experiencing several rounds of test seasons I have seen numerous advantages of asking all those questions! I feel that as a result of it I will certainly have a good compassion with my tutees, and really hope that I am able to offer a comfortable place where they feel able to ask me anything. In addition, due to this I am currently more familiar with ways to provide excellent answers!

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